A reunion

Jarl took advantage of the calm before the storm he was sure was coming and invited friends and family around for a celebration of Aldan’s birthday. He was now a teenager,


and was now permitted to listen in on state matters,


even if it was just idle chat over the dinner table. He even tried to contribute to the conversation but his uncle Yohn was keeping Jarl up to date with activities at the barracks.


His time would come. He wasn’t quite old enough yet, he knew.

Invited to the party were Jarl’s father’s old friend, Til, and his aunt Arya.


Til was in his 70s now but still kept an interest.


Arya seemed to have aged, or perhaps she was just remembering her youth in the castle.


The bathroom, an ever attractive venue at parties for some reason, was the place for some dancing, which Samira just couldn’t understand (considering she did want to use the toilet).


Sir Maynard thought it rather sweet that Prince Aldan was congratulating him on being loyal and dutiful.


And this from a young prince who would never be king (if nothing unforeseen happened).


Sir Maynard thought it probably a good idea to start training him.


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