A discussion

Jarl had been out when Haldus called. Instead he informed Sir Maynard of what he observed then left, saying he would consult… Sir Maynard did not hear the mumbled words Haldus said as he walked away. He hoped the king would be back soon.

Jarl was glad to be back after a few days surveying lands and buildings.


Sir Maynard hurried to see him as soon as he was able.


He briefed Jarl on Haldus’ observation of the meeting between Hivera and a warlock.



Jarl had no idea what could be done. He had only ever heard about warlocks, as you hear about unicorns. What did it mean?


Sir Maynard said Haldus would consult something but didn’t know how that would help. Neither of them had any idea what Hivera wanted with a warlock. Would she get the warlock to make the king act inappropriately in public? Or something worse?


“I think you should stay in the castle, majesty.”

Jarl sighed. “Send for Haldus. I want his opinion and advice. And see if you can find out more about this warlock.”

Sir Maynard nodded and left.

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