Making plans

Hivera hadn’t given up on seeking support from her family. She knew her sister would be against any plan to put their brother or his son on the throne, so she had a chat to her niece, Edwina.


Edwina seemed interested.


Encouraged, Hivera outlined her plan and asked if Edwina would carry out a part of it.



Edwina agreed.

Meanwhile, Til met Miriana while out walking and surprised himself at how happy he was to see her, and she him.



Never thinking he would ever find happiness again after Arya’s death, he felt a stirring of love for Miriana.

She invited him into the wives’ cottage to show him the new abode.


Miriana very much wanted Til to move in with them, but he felt he should be at the barracks with the men, training the new recruits. No decision was made, but they wanted to see more of each other.

Erina noticed that Miriana suddenly seemed very happy and wondered what had caused it. Perhaps it was just because of having company…


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