It was a cold winter’s day and Alfred noticed that his son, Ulric was not in his room. It was unlikely he was out in the snow. Alfred saw no sign from the window.
“Have you seen Ulric?” he asked Virginia.


“No, I thought he was with you.”

Alfred went outside and circled the house.


He called for him, but got no answer.


Virginia came out, worried.


“Is there no sign?” Alfred shook his head. He returned inside. It really was a cold day.


“Where could he be? What do we do?”

Alfred said he’d wander up the road and ask anyone he met. Til lived up the road and might have seen Ulric.

“Have you seen my son?”


“Come inside out of the cold…  When did you last see him?”

Alfred explained and began to feel worried. Til shared his concerns.


“I hate to say it, but I fear your son may have been kidnapped. You must inform the king.”

Alfred felt distraught. Surely Hivera wouldn’t have taken him, would she?


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