A Sims 2 blog, with a medieval theme, of a matriarchal society.

The first queen, Lysana, arrived in Desiderata Valley after fleeing her native land of Matrya.  The family tree follows.

Gen 1.  Lysana Volfren married John Mole.  Children: Lukan and Lucretia.  Lysana died age 66.  John died age 69, a city planner.

Gen 2.  Lucretia Volfren, second queen, married Garcia Jarl.  Children: Valenzuela, Arya and Silencia (twins). Lucretia died age 64.  Garcia died age 73, retired theorist.

Lukan married Rebecca Harris.  Children: Winter and Yohanes. Lukan died age 72, lord mayor.  Rebecca died the same night, age 72.

Gen 3.  Valenzuela Volfren, third queen, married Nikko Jarl.  Children: Jarl, Yohn. Valenzuela died age 72. Nikko, a bard, died the year before age 73.

Silencia, a nun, had an illegitmate child, Ignatia, by Rick Contrary

Arya married Til Jarl, a warrior. She bore him a son, Wulfric.

Winter Harris married Elle Guevara.  Children: Primavera, Hivera, “Ulric” (adopted out and named Alfred). Winter died in prison, age 63. Elle died age 68.

Yohanes Harris had an illegitimate child, Yohan, by Violet Jocque. Yohanes, an abbot for just four years, died at the monastery, age 72.

Gen 4.  Jarl Volfren, first king, married Arabella Albaran. Children: Aldan, Samira.

Yohn Volfren married Erina Nord. Children: Ashera

Primavera Guevara married Edmund. Children: Edwina, Ella.

Hivera Guevara married Jameson Foxgrove, Children: twins Richard and Charles.

Alfred Field (aka Ulric Guevara) married Virginia Ajjanagadde. Children: Ulric.


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