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It was a cold winter’s day and Alfred noticed that his son, Ulric was not in his room. It was unlikely he was out in the snow. Alfred saw no sign from the window. “Have you seen Ulric?” he asked … Continue reading

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Making plans

Hivera hadn’t given up on seeking support from her family. She knew her sister would be against any plan to put their brother or his son on the throne, so she had a chat to her niece, Edwina. Edwina seemed … Continue reading

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A discussion

Jarl had been out when Haldus called. Instead he informed Sir Maynard of what he observed then left, saying he would consult… Sir Maynard did not hear the mumbled words Haldus said as he walked away. He hoped the king … Continue reading

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A stranger

A dark stranger appeared in the village shops one day. He was interested in what the alchemist had to offer. He had some sort of magical powers… making people do ridiculous things which they couldn’t control. Word had it from … Continue reading

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Richard continued his training, even in the snow. Hivera tried to encourage Charles, but he seemed a hopeless case. At least she was giving him some attention, thought Charles. Charles is looking a bit tubby – must be all that … Continue reading

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Changes at the barracks

In order for new warriors to be recruited, room had to be made for them. Miriana had already departed, moving into accommodation behind the barracks. She was a little lonely but knew that the Lady Erina would join her with … Continue reading

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Ignatia thought about her life in a moment of quiet contemplation at the monastery. Her mother, the abbess, was showing her age. What would become of them? Yohan didn’t seem mature enough to become abbot if her mother died. Ignatia’s … Continue reading

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