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The time had come

Yohn took a few men to check on activities at Pine Hill. Men were indeed gathered. They were armed and the twins were with them. Yohn sent word back for more men. Men who had been practising for just such … Continue reading

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Hivera had certainly rallied round, arguing that now was the time to act against the usurpers. So some men, such as Nathan Gavigan and Edward Contrary, went off to make a stand, leaving behind upset wives or encouraging sons. Meanwhile … Continue reading

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More news

The council were gathered once more. Haldus was not there yet again. He was out ranging the area for news of Hivera, Alfred, Ulric and the wizard, Zaurak. Yohn had heard rumours of men gathering at Pine Hill. They were … Continue reading

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News reaches the king

“Haldus, what can you tell me about the warlock?” “His name is Zaurak Sarin, sire. I’ve been observing him. He does relatively harmless spells, making people do ridiculous things. I have no idea what Hivera might have in mind if … Continue reading

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Til and Miriana had fallen in love, Miriana frequently visiting him, before he moved back to the barracks to train the men. Sadly, it was not to be. Death came for Til before any plans could come to fruition. He … Continue reading

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It was suspected that Ulric had been kidnapped so Alfred was advised to go to the king. Although it was bitterly cold and getting dark, Alfred started on his way. Alas, he never got there. He had a strange sensation … Continue reading

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It was a cold winter’s day and Alfred noticed that his son, Ulric was not in his room. It was unlikely he was out in the snow. Alfred saw no sign from the window. “Have you seen Ulric?” he asked … Continue reading

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