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Richard continued his training, even in the snow. Hivera tried to encourage Charles, but he seemed a hopeless case. At least she was giving him some attention, thought Charles. Charles is looking a bit tubby – must be all that … Continue reading

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A reunion

Jarl took advantage of the calm before the storm he was sure was coming and invited friends and family around for a celebration of Aldan’s birthday. He was now a teenager, and was now permitted to listen in on state … Continue reading

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Another death

Queen Valenzuela wasn’t the only one to pass away. Over at the barracks, Bard’s time had come. He was 70. Miriana was, naturally, upset. Her young cousin didn’t know what to do. Yohn tried to comfort her but there was … Continue reading

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Peace reigned

Life was peaceful. There was no rumour of anything amiss, so the residents of the castle relaxed a little. Jarl even stopped worrying about his wife flirting with Sir Maynard. She had shown no desire to do so (at least … Continue reading

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A new son

Alfred’s wife, Virginia, gave birth to a little boy.  Alfred named him Ulric. This Ulric would not be taken away, thought Alfred.  He would protect his son, even though there was no reason to fear the boy’s abduction. Ulric grew … Continue reading

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The royal children

Valenzuela quickly grew to a toddler.  After a while, Lucretia thought it wouldn’t hurt for Valenzuela to have a younger brother or sister.  She and Garcia tried for a baby and she soon became pregnant.  [Unfortunately, there are no pics!] … Continue reading

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